Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Investment Formulas for Rentals

Investment Formulas for Rentals

Ever think if your investment property is really going to make you an investment? Profitability index is a method real estate investors use to compare the initial cash required to make the investment to the present value of all its estimated future cash flow benefits. 

PI = Present Value of all Future Cash Flows / Initial Cash Investment

4 Easy Steps
  1.  Calculate the total dollar amount
  2. Designate a discount rate
  3. Calculate the present value
  4. Divide the total present value

  •  1.0 - achieved desired rate of return exactly
  • > 1.0 - exceeded your goal
  • < 1.0 - failed to achieve your goal

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Eagles Mere - Market Activity

Here is a great update on Eagles Mere in Middletown Township!

In this neighborhood holds 5 Active properties for sale. Don't miss out, Check them out now before they are gone! 

There is 1 property Pending at the moment and expecting to settle by the end of this month.

445 Mulberry Ct

There is one settled property in the last 6 months!

380 Cottonwood Dr

This neighborhood is a pleasant and quiet community! Don't miss the chance to check out any of the homes that are available!
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