Saturday, December 30, 2017

Getting Ready to Produce my FIRST FULL SERIES on Buying & Selling Real Estate!!

SO here we are. Going on 15 years in the real estate game and it is still just as fun as when I started. I remember spending Friday and Saturday nights in my first apartment, up ALL night scanning Zillow like an FBI agent. I pretended like I enjoyed exercising and power walked to get a closer look at the homes for sale in my neighborhood. I became OBSESSED! 19 years old and I wanted to buy a property worse than seeing the inside of a bar (legally anyway). I don't remember exactly when I grew the cojones to call the sign on the yard but I'm sure glad I did.

 I met my super cool real estate agent Christine, with her short funky red hair and dark purple nails at a 3 story twin home with tons of restored wood in the charming Bristol Borough. Christine was hilarious. We shared the same sense of humor. She had an adventurous personality where nothing was predictable and there were new surprises around every corner. It was amazing. All my nosey self hoped it would be. We got to walk through every single room, look in closets, wander through the basement and attic. It was great! All of the molding and original trim throughout made me wonder about the previous occupants and the hundreds of years of different lives passing through each room. The choices of paint colors and furniture were interesting and the claw foot tub and kitchen cabinetry was definitely way before my time. Standing in the third floor attic, the ceiling felt 9 feet high and the front and back windows felt miles apart. This is where the afternoon sun beamed in and I got stuck in a stare. I realized in that moment, I was meant to experience this same fascination over and over.

 After that first exciting showing at the historic twin on Beaver St, Christine and I continued to meet frequently to preview other homes. She also brought me into her Fairless Hills office to meet with her in house lender. She was so excited that I was a young 19 years old purchasing real estate. She introduced me to everyone that passed us as if she was my proud mother. Btw, my parents were SUPER against this and thought I was WAY too young to be purchasing anything, let alone a property. We shopped for a few weeks until we stumbled across a duplex. That was it. I knew investing was my fate. I knew I too was meant to be adventurous and unpredictable. Christine showed me the way. Not only did she๐Ÿ”‘ unlock the door๐Ÿšช to my curiosity of architecture and historic homes and buildings, but she showed me not everyone in life has to be so serious. You can actually get paid to enjoy your passion, develop instant bonds with complete strangers and have a great time helping others fulfill their dreams. (and paint your nails whatever color you want lol)๐Ÿ’…

 Yes, there are definitely roadblocks and speed bumps all through the process of home buying. And yes, agents too experience the same anxiety as their clients when trouble arises, but hey, that's pretty much what we are signing up for. We are the trusted advisor and hand holder of those brave enough to venture into their first, second, or millionth real estate purchase.

Throughout this story you are probably thinking "Wow! This sounds super easy!" Far from from it buddy. Every transaction, we agents juggle clients, agents, lawyers, title clerks, lenders, twp workers, contractors and inspectors.  We wear a million hats and try not to drop one detail making sure we hit every due date and deadline. Good thing I'm a master multi-tasker. ๐Ÿ˜… (aka ADD plus a lot of coffee)

 I live every moment through my clients. It's similar to having your own children succeed and meet their goals. Watching my clients eyes light up as they walk through homes. Listening to them plan where furniture would fit or how many family members they can invite now for holidays. Seeing them look out the back window and envision their warm months outdoors. It's a pretty fulfilling job, I must say and I can't really imagine doing anything else.

What I can envision is helping even MORE people. But how could I possibly text & talk to more people each day?? This past year I worked like a maniac to keep all of my clients & vendors completely informed. I like to coddle and spoil my clients by answering the texts and calls 24/7. I think it's SUPER important that they are completely in the loop with the process. (My family members aren't so thrilled about mommy's office in the kitchen, on the couch, in the car, at the store, park, pool and just about wherever we go. Right on top of that ROSE!)

 So here's what I've come up with to help keep all of my clients in the loop.... HOW-TO VIDEO'S FEATURING -------ME!!!

 AHHH I'm so excited!! I don't know how I didn't think of this sooner.. Each year I get busier and busier and think "how can I ever duplicate myself!??" 

DUH WITH VIDEOS!! Awesomeness... I can't wait. 

 Now there will be a step by step video as we go through the transaction,  explaining the most important questions about the buying and selling process as well as timelines and automated reminders keeping you ahead of things.

 So stay tuned boys and girls.. I will be adding links for previews and access to my upcoming series and tutorials.

One more thing, I get such great feedback and so many questions when I do a facebook live tour of properties.  Starting in June I will be sure to a fb live tour on the weekly diamond deals at least once a week. 

Thank you for visiting my blog, and please remember to visit my website at for all of your real estate needs. 

 Happy Home Hunting :-)

<3 Melanie

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